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Country Loafer

Natural Chromexcel Roughout

Country Loafer

Simple Stitchdown 360° Construction. Unlined Horween® Chromexcel® Roughout Leather Upper. Vibram® 2060 Morflex® Compound Sole with Hand-Stained Leather Midsole. Leather Footbed. Natural Stitching. Antique Brass Buckle.

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430 Freestyle Last

The 430 Freestyle Last was explicitly developed to be used in combination with a hot salt soaking process, which softens the leather and allows it to quickly mold to the contours of a given foot, resulting in a truly personalized fit. The 430 is more like scaffolding for shoe construction, whereas a typical last is the foundation and framing. The final fit and form of the shoe is defined by the most unique of all lasts: the individual’s foot. To maximize the potential for personalization, the 430 establishes a large working area for feet to move freely, with near-zero drop and a broad perimeter in a shape known by distance runners, athletes, and podiatrists as a “natural toe.” Altogether, loafers made with the 430 Freestyle Last may accommodate wide and hard-to-fit sizes as well as more typical foot shapes, offering all the comfort that may otherwise be achieved only with a bespoke last or an orthopedic prescription.

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Vibram® 2060 Sole

Part of Vibram's American-made Heritage Series, the 2060 sole is moulded from Vibram's expanded EVA based rubber compound which offers excellent grip and durability, light weight, and high shock absorption. The 2060's distinctive heel provides both back support and a classic sillhouette.

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Horween® Chromexcel® Roughout

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Horween's Roughout is a version of its famous Chromexcel® with the rough side out. Similar to a rugged suede in texture, but with a firmer hand and color that deepens and develops a beautiful patina with wear.

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More than Made in USA

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We are 100% committed to manufacturing all our footwear and accessories in the United States.

Fully Recraftable

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All our footwear is 100% recraftable, meaning it can be re-soled again and again.

Hot Salt Soaked

Once construction is complete, Country Loafers are soaked in hot salt water and air-dried, which softens the leather and allows it to quickly mold to the contours of your foot, resulting in a truly personalized fit. Like a hang-dried cotton shirt, the soaked-and-dried loafers will bear contours and fine lines which will smooth-out with wear.