Oak Street Bootmakers Lakeshore Last Technical Drawing


Forms built for function, lasts define the appearance, fit, and comfort of a shoe or boot. Lasts are an expression of both anatomical information and the purpose of footwear they shape. We use a variety of lasts, including those we developed specifically for our collection and a few time-honored American classics.

Goodyear Welt Construction

Oak Street Bootmakers Elston Last Technical Drawing

Elston Last

Developed to embody the character of Chicago, the Elston last is engineered specifically for our line of Everyday Boots, providing exceptional all-day comfort for nearly all foot types with a generous toe box.

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Oak Street Bootmakers Lakeshore Last Technical Drawing

Lakeshore Last

The Lakeshore Last exhibits the versatility and character demanded of a professional shoe. Crafted to fit with precision, this last provides durability and distinction from morning commute to evening cocktail.

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Oak Street Bootmakers 5504 Last Technical Drawing

5504 Last

The 5504 was developed specifically for laceless boots. A round-but-narrow toe, flat heel, and sharply-contoured vamp create a secure fit and silhouette suitable for town or country.

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Genuine Handsewn Construction

Oak Street Bootmakers 800 Last Technical Drawing

800 Last

The 800 Last is the quintessential American loafer last. Its gently rounded toe provides a comfortable all-day fit without compromising its famously sleek silhouette, which is simultaneously studious and casual.

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Oak Street Bootmakers 555 Last Technical Drawing

555 Last

The 555 Last is the classic New England moccasin last. Its medium width and broad toe provide exceptional comfort for nearly all foot types and its shape is well known to generations of outdoorsman from Down East.

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304 Last

The 304 Last has similar sillhouette to the classic American 555 Moccasin Last, but a slightly more athletic shape, resulting in a more secure, true-to-size fit while preserving the same exceptional comfort.

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Simple Stitchdown Construction

430 Last

The 430 Freestyle Last was explicitly developed to be used in combination with a hot salt soaking process, which softens the leather and allows it to quickly mold to the contours of a given foot, resulting in a truly personalized fit. The 430 is more like scaffolding for shoe construction, whereas a typical last is the foundation and framing. The final fit and form of the shoe is defined by the most unique of all lasts: the individual’s foot. To maximize the potential for personalization, the 430 establishes a large working area for feet to move freely, with near-zero drop and a broad perimeter in a shape known by distance runners, athletes, and podiatrists as a “natural toe.” Altogether, loafers made with the 430 Freestyle Last may accommodate wide and hard-to-fit sizes as well as more typical foot shapes, offering all the comfort that may otherwise be achieved only with a bespoke last or an orthopedic prescription.

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