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Cap-Toe Lakeshore Boot

No. 2 Tan Hashimoto

Lakeshore Boot

Hand-lasted 360° Goodyear Welt Construction. Tochigi Hashimoto Leather. Partially-Structured Cap-Toe with Freehand Brogueing. Dainite® Ridgeway Sole & Heel. Hand-Finished Flat Barbour® Welt. Full Calfskin Lining. Tone-On-Tone Stitching. Antique Brass Eyelets. Flat Waxed Cotton Laces.

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Lakeshore Last

Oak Street Bootmakers Lakeshore Last Technical Drawing

The Lakeshore Last exhibits the versatility and character demanded of a professional shoe. Crafted to fit with precision, this last provides durability and distinction from morning commute to evening cocktail.

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Dainite® Ridgeway Sole

Dainite Ridgeway Sole Technical Drawing

Dainite introduced the Ridgeway Sole in 1941. Named for England's Ridgeway Trail, a prehistoric trading route which dates back some 3,500 years, the sole draws inspiration from trail's terrain. While most cleated soles were developed specifically for service and work boots, the Ridgeway was developed with the British sportsman in mind, with a tread pattern that offers exceptional traction with less weight and a uniquely-elegant mid-century design.

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Tochigi Hashimoto

Since 1932, Tochigi Tanning Company has been tanning veg tan leather with pure natural tannins, extracted in-house from Mimosa bark according to an exhaustive traditional Japanese tanning process. Hides are steeped for a minimum of 90 days before being dyed with deeply-penetrating natural pigments. The resulting leather is remarkably supple features richly saturated color. Water needed for tanning is provided by the Bamba River and over 66% of all water used is reclaimed, neutralized, and purified on-site before being returned to the river. Natural sediments filtered from the water is composted and repurposed as a soil conditioner used to landscape parks and golf courses.

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We are 100% committed to manufacturing all our footwear and accessories in the United States.

Fully Recraftable

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All our footwear is 100% recraftable, meaning it can be re-soled again and again.