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Field Boot

British Tan Domane

True-to-Size: For an ideal fit, we suggest selecting your "true" size as measured on the Brannock Device or your typical size in dress shoes or other fine footwear. You should expect a somewhat snug fit that will become more personalized with regular wear as the leather stretches and conforms to your foot.

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Field Boot

Field Boot Commando Sole Technical Drawing

Hand-Lasted 360° Goodyear Welt Construction. Seidel® Domane Leather. Partially-Structured Toe. Black Goodyear® Commando Sole. Stacked Leather Heel with Commando Toplift. Flat Barbour® Welt. Calfskin Vamp Lining. Tone-On-Tone Stitching. Antique Brass Eyelets. Cougar #50 Rawhide Laces.

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Elston Last

Oak Street Bootmakers Elston Last Technical Drawing

Developed to embody the character of Chicago, the Elston last is engineered specifically for our line of Everyday Boots, providing exceptional all-day comfort for nearly all foot types with a generous toe box.

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Itshide® Commando® Sole

Itshide Commando Sole Technical Drawing

Itshide has been producing the legendary Commando sole in Petersfield, England since the early 20th century. Adopted by the British Army in 1940, this sole has since been deployed by armed forces and explorers on every corner of the globe—with good reason. Despite their aggressive appearance, Itshide Commando soles are remarkably springy, shock-absorbant, and add certainty to every step.

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Seidel® Domane

Seidel Tannery Logo

Domane (pronounced 'Doh-MAH-nee') may be Seidel's most intriguing tannage. Like their famous Oil Tan, Domane is deeply saturated with oils that make even boot-weight hides as soft as ball gloves—and imbue them with strong pull-up that yields dramatic highlights upon first use. And like Seidel's equally famous Double Shot, Domane is hot-stuffed with waxes that not only protect the leather from the elements but showcase its color and texture with an elegant shimmer. In bright and even light, Domane appears like a heavyweight veg tan, but in directional light, the surface comes to life with brilliant specularity. Finally, unlike Madone, its sister tannage, Domane is a teacore, dyed only on the grain side so the natural tones within the hide will emerge through patination.

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We are 100% committed to manufacturing all our footwear and accessories in the United States.

Fully Recraftable

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All our footwear is 100% recraftable, meaning it can be re-soled again and again.